Kappa Alpha Lambda Sorority, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we hope to clear up any questions visitors might have almost our Sorority, as well as provide you with common knowledge about who we are. Check back often, as we may be adding additional questions from time to time.

1. What is the full name of your Sorority?
The full name of our Sorority is Kappa Alpha Lambda Sorority, Inc.

2. When was your organization founded?
Kappa Alpha Lambda was founded October 19, 2003.

3. What are the Sorority’s colors?
The colors of Kappa Alpha Lambda are Pink, Black and Pearl.

4. What is your Sorority’s flower?
Kappa Alpha Lambda has two official flowers. Our most recognizable flower is the Lotus.

5. Does your Sorority have a mascot?
Yes, Kappa has two animal mascots. Our most recognizable mascot is the white bunny.

6. Is Kappa alpha Lambda bound to another Fraternal organization?

7. Is Kappa Alpha Lambda a collegiate-based Sorority?
No. Thought we will be expanding to included collegiate chapters, KAL is a community-based Sorority, which includes ladies from all walks of life.

8. Is Kappa Alpha Lambda strictly a Lesbian Sorority?
Although Kappa Alpha Lambda is an advocacy group for the rights of all women, KAL is a Lesbian-focused Sorority.

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