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About The Ladies of Kappa Alpha Lambda...
On the evening of October 19, 2003, Kappa Alpha Lambda foundation was laid for our sisterhood. Since the commencement of KAL, extraordinary ladies nationwide have found their home an everlasting retreat where beauty is respected, intelligence is embraced, and sisterhood is eternal.

The ladies of Kappa Alpha Lambda Sorority Incorporated are accomplished women who have a passion for service. We are educators, entrepreneurs, mothers, students, of all we are SISTERS. Today, as we hold dear to our Kappa light, we continue "Ever Onward and Upward," poised for our future as we walk hand in hand along the luminated path placed before us.

Kappa Alpha Lambda ventures to transcend the stereotypes and limitations often placed upon lesbian woman. Thus, we work to exemplify excellence not only among the LGBT Greek community, but within the fraternal system as a whole. Kappa Alpha Lambda is a social service sorority for the professionally sophisticated, classy, feminine lesbian.

Basic Facts About Kappa Alpha Lambda Sorority, Inc.
Colors: Pink, Black & Pearl
Symbol: White Bunny
Flower: Lotus

"Through kindness and humility, we strive to impact the world."

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